Friday, October 16, 2015

The Tukuafu Family

I hung out with the Tukuafu Family and got to see how grown up their kids have gotten!

The Newly Weds!

Sarah and Lala the oldest and youngest of this fine clan.
Sarah's husband's personality shined through.
These two are so cute together. 
Grandma and Grandpa, this is where the story began. 
The whole Clan.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Engagement Ring Shots

I took part in a photo challenge to keep me shooting and chose my daughter's
engagement ring as a subject for a close up. 

My daughter has teeny tiny little fingers so her ring is tiny too.
So in keeping with the scale I chose a tiny leaf from our tree.

I used the beautiful morning light under my covered porch.
She bought this book of poetry because it is old. 
I liked this poem.

Julie and Andrew First Look

We opted to do a first look session since wedding days are so harried and busy.
This is a detail that is so easily missed unless you have time in spades. 
Who has that?
It took him a moment to be able to see after riding all of the way to our location blind folded. 
Poor guy.
When he saw her he beamed!
He just took her in.  :)

These two were so excited to be married.
Love this shot! 
Funny story about this location.  This is a cemetery. 
The view is stellar. 
I asked her if she minded and she said no, "Both weddings and deaths are beginnings." 
Yes, I do believe she is right.
 What a beautiful Bride and Groom!

Andrew and Julie Engagements

We did these earlier in the day than I usually like to.
But, the mountain location and the trees provided some shelter.

I bear no prejudice, but I adore these two!

Well played.  Not everyone can pull off a dip. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kim's Family

As a hobby photographer, my favorite thing is photographing people.
The light was so beautiful!
The sky threatened rain the whole time!
I love this shot! 
I wish I'd closed my aperture down a bit so that both of them would have been in focus.  But, I still love the shot. 

These two have been friends through it all.
They have a very sweet mother daughter relationship.
And yes, he does love his sister. 
Sometimes we have to remind kids that they love each other. 
Kim was so blessed to marry such a  good man. 
He has been so good to her.
I have history with this dear family. 
It is so fun to  look at Ashlyn and see her Aunt and her Grandmother in her.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Millen's Dream

I was so honored to be included in the Millen's long awaited announcement!
These two are die hard Ute fans can you tell?
This baby truly is a miracle! 
This long awaited baby ended up coming prematurely.
He spent some time in the NICU trying to catch up.
What a blessing for this sweet family!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hadley and Brennar

I love photographing children!

This dandelion took a lot of blowing. 
It was not quite ready to release it's seeds.

This little man was not quite ready to walk yet when w took these pictures.
I love photographing children as they explore and do their thing.

Still a bit wobbly in the ankles.